SEAMEO RETRAC Blended Learning Project

SEAMEO RETRAC Blended Learning Project is a Vietnam Blended Learning Program (VBLP) effort funded by the World Bank to encourage local development organisations to use new innovative technologies in aid activities and staff training.


Blended Learning

Blended Learning is the combination of e-Learning and traditional education approach. Basically, the key components of the project are online learning and face-to-face learning. This "dual-use" strategy will provide participants with the opportunity to make continuous progress regardless of location.


Project Description

Project title:  Building Leadership skills for mid- level managers at higher educational institutions in Vietnam using blended learning method

Overall Goal
The  project aims to help the mid-level managers at higher educational institutions in Vietnam improve their educational leadership and management skills using blended learning mode to enable them to serve their schools and students better.

Specific Objectives

  • To enhance the leadership and management skills of the   mid-level managers  at higher educational institutions in Vietnam  using  face-to-face learning and online learning
  • To demonstrate the participants’ improved   educational management and  leadership skills by exploring and learning the best practices of higher educational institutions worldwide
  • To apply the participants’ knowledge and skills of  management and  educational leadership skills learned during the project training using blended learning approach

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Participant manual

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Training Program

SEAMEO RETRAC Blended Learning Project consists of three training workshops.  Each training workshop consists of three core courses, as follows:

  • Training 1:  Leadership Skills in  Higher Educational Institutions  
    School Leadership, Strategic Planning, Instructional Technology
  • Training 2: Educational Management Skills of the Mid-Level Managers at HEIs in Vietnam
    Human Resource Management, Change Management, School Organization and Management
  • Training 3: Best Practices in Curriculum Development and Assessment in Higher Education worldwide
    Faculty Assessment, Student Assessment, Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials

These courses will be available to the participants in two delivery modes:

  • Face-to-Face Learning 
  • Online Learning



Mid-level Managers at Higher Educational Institutions in Vietnam



  • Professors at Curtin University

  • Dr Phillip Hallinger
    Chair Professor
    Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

  • Dr Ho Thanh My Phuong
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam

  • Dr Anita Clapano-Oblina
    Senior Educational Specialist
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam

  • Dinh Gia Bao, M.Sc.
    Training Manager
    Division of Education
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam

  • Vo Tan Dung, M.A.
    IT Manager
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam

  • Truong Thi My Dung, M.A.
    Program Officer
    Division of Education
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam

  • Truong Bao Duy, M.Sc.
    International Manager
    SEAMEO RETRAC, Vietnam