Welcome to SEAMEO RETRAC e-Learning

RETRAC e-LEARNING allows participants in a SEAMEO RETRAC program to interact with instructors and fellow students both in and outside of the classroom at their own pace and wherever they may be.

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RETRAC e-LEARNING is a set of tools that enhance the learners’ academic experience, including a course management system and other technology-related tools that mediate learning. You will find that the RETRAC e-LEARNING site utilizes discussion forums, online chats, file sharing, online access to resources and references, online submission of assessments, email and other functions that help support our learners. This type of blended learning environment will allow our program participants to collaborate on projects and assignments whether they’re sitting next to each other in the computer lab or sitting at their computers at home.

The purpose of moving towards RETRAC e-LEARNING can be divided into two areas: Course Management, and Learning Technologies. These two areas, when joined together by Moodle software, will allow a learner to have virtual access to all of their academic information in one place. Our teaching faculty across the Center has been using different technologies in their classrooms, including multimedia PowerPoints, to enhance learning for several years. RETRAC e-LEARNING is a way to begin integrating these different technologies to enhance the learners’ academic experience.

RETRAC e-LEARNING provides an environment that will cater to blended learning in the classroom. This will allow teachers the flexibility to give a well-structured introductory lesson in the classroom, and then provide follow-up materials, activities and resources on RETRAC e-LEARNING. Early in the process guidance will be provided on navigating the course materials, and learners will gain more independence in their learning as they grow in their expertise of the subject matter. This system will also support networked learning, a process of developing and maintaining connections with people and information, and support communication among learners in such a way so as to support one another's learning.

RETRAC e-LEARNING is always conveniently available anywhere you can access the internet and it’s easy to use.
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